Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Visit our frozen yogurt shop in Missoula, MT

Find your go-to spot for a sweet treat near the University of Montana at 406 Frozen Yogurt. Our frozen yogurt shop is the perfect spot for a healthy snack between classes or a refreshing reward after a long hike. Be sure to take advantage of our stamp cards so your tenth cup is free.

Our frozen yogurt shop is now open for indoor dining with social distancing guidelines in place. Stop by today to enjoy a cup of our delicious frozen yogurt near the University of Montana.



Load up your frozen yogurt with candy, chocolate syrup and more



Dive into your frozen yogurt without having to leave the house.

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information

Learn more about the health benefits of frozen yogurt.

Build your own frozen yogurt bowl

No matter what your sweet tooth is craving, we've got flavors and toppings that will hit the spot.

We have over 50 toppings and 16 frozen yogurt flavors to choose from, so you can create a:

  • Chocolate lovers delight: Get a chocolate base and load up on the candy
  • Fruity flavor blast: Try our sweet and tart flavors topped with yummy gummies
  • Delicious healthy snack: Choose our lean frozen yogurts and virtuous toppings
  • Wacky wonder: Don't be afraid to mix up flavors and get creative with your yogurt

Our prices are determined by the weight of your bowl, but don't worry about filling it all the way up. We offer student, senior (60+) military and AAA discounts.

Is frozen yogurt really better than ice cream?

Why spend a night eating ice cream at home when you can build a frozen yogurt masterpiece at our shop instead?

While ice cream may look similar, frozen yogurt is different because it's:

Lower in fat, calories and sugar
Higher in probiotics that help your digestive system
A unique and heartier texture so you feel fuller

Visit our store in Missoula, MT to order a healthy snack.